Hello, welcome to My Ethical Life. We are Anthony and Laura and thank you for taking the time to be here! We hope that in return, this website will save you time and effort when it comes to choosing products that are cruelty free and right for you.

How did it all begin?

When we decided we wanted to start avoiding products tested on animals, we thought it would be fairly simple. We are both vegetarian and had some experience in checking packaging for unwanted ingredients so assumed it would be an easy next step. As it turns out, this was not quite the case. Before we knew it, the relatively simple task of selecting a bottle of shampoo became a challenge in reading and interpreting tiny packaging fonts and when that didn’t work, scouring the internet for details of a brand’s stance on animal testing.

Another realisation was the range of ethical and potentially health impacting choices we were making when purchasing many every day products. Through talking to friends and family and by conducting our own research, we discovered we are definitely not alone in our concerns and there is a wealth of knowledge out there including blogs, vlogs, articles, documentaries and company websites. The frustration for us, remained the absence of a trusted source that would tell us what we needed to know, when we needed it. Over time we built up a list of brands we trusted and products we enjoyed using and decided we wanted to create a tool that would let people do the same. The result was My Ethical Life (MEL for short).

Our Content

MEL will allow you to search for products and brands that are cruelty free as standard, but will also enable you to choose products based on other ethics that are important to you. Whether you want to only use products that contain sustainable ingredients, avoid harsh chemicals or ensure only bio-degradable substances escape down your drain, we can help you do that!

We have not used every single product on our site but have checked the credentials of everything listed and will perform regular checks to ensure information is kept up to date. It is an evolving website so in addition to product listings, there will also be product reviews and blog posts because we want to share everything we learn with you.

We created MEL because we think Cruelty Free and Planet Friendly shopping should be easy- we live in the UK so all products listed are from, or are easily sourced from, the UK too. All products listed are cruelty free but in some cases the parent company may test on animals. Where this is the case, it is highlighted in the brand listings because we believe in informed choices.

Our Approach

We started MEL by listing products we had used ourselves but we want to share information on as many cruelty free products as possible. While we will continue to try new products and share our findings, we could never hope to try them all, so have turned to research! For any product we add, we will research the brand and add full details to our brand listings (if it’s not there already). We will also look into the individual product and list its individual attributes. Product information will come from the manufacturers website or from contacting them directly. Unless explicitly stated, all opinions are our own and any sources used in the creation of blog posts or reviews will be clearly referenced.

We are building and researching this website ourselves with no funding so will, at times use affiliate links. Our focus however, is to promote ethical products so if we feel a product deserves to be included, we will include it regardless of whether it is part of an affiliate scheme.

Finally, we are at the beginning of our journey and really hope you will join us. Finding a perfectly ethical product might be a bit like chasing a unicorn, but we really believe every little helps and hope My Ethical Life can support in this. The site is still developing and we value your feedback, comments and suggestions so please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for your interest!

Laura & Ant x